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Welcome to Settle My Loan (SML), where we stand with MSMEs, the backbone of Indian Economy (contributing to ~30% of India’s GDP), in their journey through debt difficulties. If your business is grappling with financial difficulties, rest assured you’re not alone. Each year, thousands of entrepreneurs encounter severe financial distress, and it’s those who adapt and seek effective solutions who emerge stronger.

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Tailored Debt Relief Solutions

Before considering the path of bankruptcy, which could cease your business operations, explore the realm of debt relief options available to you. Our expertise lies in identifying and implementing debt settlement processes tailored to small businesses. This approach is designed to negotiate your unsecured debts — including personal credit used for business investments and unsecured business loans or lines of credit — to more manageable levels.

Comprehensive Support Against Creditors' Harassment and Legal Challenges

At SML, our support extends beyond debt settlement. We understand the stress and challenges posed by creditor harassment and legal issues, such as NCLT proceedings, asset repossession, and the implications of personal guarantees. Our team is here to guide you through these complexities, offering:

Debt Settlement: A Path to Recovery

Debt settlement stands out as a viable solution, with the potential to significantly reduce your obligations without the harsh impacts associated with restructuring or bankruptcy. This process not only aims to lower your debt balances through negotiations with creditors but also offers a more lenient impact on your credit score compared to other debt relief strategies. Debt settlement can offer additional time during negotiations, allowing you to create a financial buffer and a breathing space.

Fast-track to financial stability, unlike debt consolidation plans, which can take years to resolve, debt settlement programs can potentially settle your debts much sooner, providing a quicker route to financial stability.

Eligibility and flexibility as all unsecured debts are eligible for settlement, making it a flexible option tailored to the diverse needs of small businesses.

Why Choose SML?

  • Having in-house High Court advocates with expertise and experience in leverage our extensive experience in helping small businesses tackle debt and legal challenges.

  • SML provides customized solutions that benefit from SML personalized debt relief strategies designed to meet the unique needs of your business.

  • Helps with creditors harassment and offers creditors calls redirection to our paralegal team, who will answer them on your behalf.

  • We provide empathy and support and understand the challenges you’re facing to provide the support you need to overcome them.

Begin Your Journey to Financial Freedom

Don’t let debt define the future of your business. With SML, discover a partner committed to helping you navigate through these challenging times towards a brighter, debt-free future. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business reclaim financial stability and growth.

Case Study

Our client was being pursued by 11 creditors for ₹1.96 Crores. We managed to negotiate settlements on these debts on an average discount of 72.90% of the original value, i.e. his ₹1.96 Crores debt only costed him ₹53.15 Lacs in repayment. We were also able to stop creditors harassment both legally and by re-directing all their creditor’s calls onto us. The client got a breathing space to get the business back on track. But most importantly, he could keep the business going with no redundancies, out of the fear of insolvency.