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What is Debt Settlement?

A debt settlement is an agreement between a lender and a borrower to pay back a portion of a loan balance, while the remainder of the debt is forgiven.We can negotiate your settlement so that you become debt free, in most cases without it affecting your credit score.We are the only company that offers a range of settlement options to best suit your needs. We will negotiate the best option on your behalf. Enquire today for a free consultation, and see what settlement option is best for you.

Legal Cover

Settlement on EMI

Anti Harassment

Our financial advisors and Advocates can negotiate the
following types of settlements and debt clearance:

One Time Settlement (OTS)

OTS With Credit Clearance


Term Settlement With Credit Clearance

Moratorium Period Settlement


Time Barred



Settle My Loan isn’t just about escaping debt—it’s about reclaiming your financial freedom. Our seasoned team partners with you, negotiating diligently with your creditors to settle for an amount that’s often less than what you owe.

Empowering Indian MSMEs

Overcome Debt and Reclaim Your Future

Welcome to Settle My Loan (SML), where we stand with MSMEs, the backbone of Indian Economy (contributing to ~30% of India’s GDP), in their journey through debt difficulties. If your business is grappling with financial difficulties, rest assured you’re not alone. Each year, thousands of entrepreneurs encounter severe financial distress, and it’s those who adapt and seek effective solutions who emerge stronger.

The Five-Step Journey to Debt Freedom

Determine Your Path

Share details of your unsecured debts (credit cards, personal loans, etc.) with our advisors and discover your eligibility for loan settlement.

Join Our Program

Choose a plan tailored to your needs, sign a protective legal agreement, and start your journey to a debt-free life.

Build Your Savings Buffer

Automate monthly savings into a controlled Escrow account (regulated and protected under SEBI). Let us manage communications with your creditors, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Expert Negotiations

Once your Escrow account reaches a substantial amount, our team steps in, negotiating with creditors to significantly reduce your outstanding dues.

Achieve Settlement

We strive for optimal savings on your behalf, settling loans with your approval. Upon payment to the creditors, receive your settlement letter and relish the joy of being debt-free!


Structured Debt Closure

For those who can manage to pay most of their debt, especially for smaller amounts, we offer a structured debt closure approach. This ensures you can meet terms that are both reasonable and negotiated in your favour.

Personal Loan Settlement

Navigating personal loan settlements requires expertise, given the hesitance of banks and NBFCs. At Settle My Loan, we simplify this process, helping many to settle their obligations efficiently.

Credit Card Settlement

With soaring interest rates, credit card debts can be daunting. If you're grappling with such debt, consider our settlement services to enhance your financial health.

Shielding You from Harassment

Despite legal judgments and RBI guidelines, borrower harassment persists. Explore our Anti-harassment Service and safeguard your peace of mind.


Mr. Amin S. Syed

Nitin Mistry was very helpful for settlements of my credit cards and loans. He worked hard and got very good settlements done for my accounts. He is understanding, patient & cooperative. Thanks a lot Nitin and all the best for your future.

Mr. Asvindra Rajpoot

It is great platform. I was in situation that not able to pay emis. It supported me throughout the journey. And I have settled some of debts. Thanks for helping.

Mr. Subham Kundu

I was in almost in my grave. 10L loans+Credit card bill. But suddenly found SML as a ray of hope. Contact person Vivek and ADV. Roshan was very helpful. Managing recovery calls very well. They are always there to protect me. I have enrolled myself just for a month. Long way to go. Nice experience so far

Mr. Anonymous

I have had a good experience with Mr. Nitin Mistry in terms with settling my loans. Would recommend to anyone who is struggling with debt.

Mr. Anonymous

Very good support and best deal to close settlement through Nitin wonderful guy


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